Re: [BULK] - Re: [XHTML2] Spirit of "1.1.3. XHTML 2 and Presentation" (PR#7759)

Kelly Miller wrote:

> That's actually what I meant.  Though I know CSS isn't in XML syntax,
> IMO there should be a one-element XML definiton for an equivalent to the
> HTML <style> element that can be used to embed CSS in any XML language.
> ~ Or maybe one with the style element and the style attribute, which is
> attached to all XML tags?
> Anne van Kesteren wrote:
> | I agree that these problems should be solved though. There should
> | probably some generic algorithm for <style> (and <script>) that can be
> | reused by languages like SVG, XHTML, the <?xml-stylesheet?> PI, MathML,
> | etc.

I agree. I vote we settle on <style> and <script>. Are they likely to 
mean anything else, ever?
Paul Mitchell

Received on Monday, 20 February 2006 16:05:19 UTC