Re: [Selectors], XSLT, and a browser's internal view of an xml document

--- Anne van Kesteren <> wrote:

> Hi Noah,
> I rather keep data and style separate. 

You can separate data and style in one of the
following ways:

- use separate files (for example, use an XML file
with a CSS stylesheet).

- use separate namespaces (for example, use an XML
file with the XHTML style element and attribute).

- use special elements and/or attributes (for example,
use an HTML file with the HTML style element and

- use presentation mark-up (for example, transform an
XML file to generate XSL-FO).

Which type of "separate" do you mean, or do you mean
something else?

> [SNIP]
> Also after possible transformations have 
> been done so that the final DOM tree is "semantic"

Yeah, well, I invented (I think) the term
"presentation semantics" in December mails to this
list. After that elicited confusion from list members,
I stopped using the term. By your use of "semantic",
do you mean one of the following:

- "content-describing" mark-up (for example,

- "presentation mark-up" (for example, <inline
font="bold 12pt">Noah</inline>).

- something else?
> [SNIP]
> Where is the need for a special <css:style>? From
> what I understand <?xml-stylesheet?> is supposed to 
> solve that...

If you allow embedded CSS in custom XML pages, then
you can use an external XSL stylesheet to create valid
CSS rules from your embedded and inline xmlized CSS.
See the postscript for an example.

What's a non-techie (disregarding the design of the
DOM API) distinction between a document's data and its
style? A distinction that helps me decide whether my
mixing data mark-up with mark-up from a CSS namespace
violates the principle of separating data from style?


(using schemas and catalog file for look-ups)
<doc xmlns:css="thisworks" xmlns="thunk">
<css:selector ="biz[baz='bim']">
<css:declaration property="foo" value="bar bam
bim,bum" />
<css:declaration property="fiz" value="whiz(woo)" />
<blah css:style="foo:bom;">yeada yada</blah>

transformed by XSLT becomes-->

<?xml-stylesheet href="#embedded_styles"
<doc xmlns="thunk">
<style xml:id="embedded_styles">
        foo:bar bam bim,bum;
<blah xml:id="blahID">yeada yada</blah>

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