Re: [CSS21] <writing(and also logical) error in text>

>>>Good, I like that re-casting, but it leaves undefined the behaviour
>>>of a browser that supports "run-in" but not "inline"; that situation,
>>>too, deserves clarification, IMHO ...
>>...every UA I'm aware of already gets this right.
>Neither IE6 nor IE7b2 support it properly.

Well, IE 6 (I don't have 7 in front of me at the moment) does get 
color wrong in your example.  However, IE gets all of the following 
examples correct:

p {border: 2px solid green; border: nonsense;}
p {background: green; background: potatoes;}
p {width: 40em; width: infinity;}
p {font-size: 2em; font-size: tiny;}

On the other hand again, the following example also fails:

p {background-color: yellow; background-color: potatoes; }

as do various positioning rules.  In any case, the problems in IE do 
not appear to be the result of misunderstanding the spec, but rather 
of simply misimplementing it.  I don't see that the spec example 
needs substantive changes just because one implementor was careless, 
but perhaps the Working Group disagrees.

-Adam Kuehn 

Received on Monday, 6 February 2006 14:50:08 UTC