Re: 'Document' as a value

There is already calc() or even the advanced layout module being talked
about to handle such problems, correct me if I am wrong. Document as a
value doesn't seem all that bad but then you'd wanna have paddings and
borders which would have increased the size of the document and either
you'd have an infinite loop or some set of extra rules which would avoid
it by breaking the box model, both of which are not feasible.


> I know many people have run across the problems posed by a 2 or 3 column
layout where one column has less content than another.  Provided the
content of no column exceeds the height of the screen, "height:100%;"
worked just fine.  Let's be realistic, though.  Does all of your content
always fit into that space?  Most people have to scroll.  For that
matter, it may well fit on your 1024x768 screen, but it won't on Joe
Shmoe's 800x600 screen.  To remedy this, I think it would be useful to
allow "document" to be specified as a value for height or width.  Then,
"height:document;" could be entered, and the designer would be saved the
trouble of a column ending too soon.

Received on Monday, 28 August 2006 06:30:01 UTC