Re: Web Fonts

> reasons, mostly related to security and embedding rights/font licensing
> issues we have chosen to not implement this for loose fonts. 

A major part of the basis for this proposal seems to be the contention
that display font market is dead because it has been undermined by
the availability of free of charge fonts.  I don't care enough about
display fonts to really know whether that is true.

The other parts seem to be:

-  that bandwidth is so abundant that there is no need to be selective in
font downloads, and one can, in fact afford to download all the variants
of a font, a contention that I do not agree with, and

- that the current syntax is so technical (involving the absutraction of
indirection) as to scare off authors.  As most web pages are done by cut
and paste, or authoring tools, I don't believe authors need to understand
them to use them to the same level of capability as the current proposal.

Received on Friday, 25 August 2006 07:13:45 UTC