Re: Selector for parent/predecessor?

> Lack of both existing and supported selectors forces us to resort to
> inconceivably slower javascript based selector methods to select the
> elements we wish to style. If anything, the sheer amount of such scripts

The other approach is to design for the medium.

> out there is proof not only of the lack of CSS support by various
> browsers, but also of desired features (and of course it's proof of the
> awesome community around front-end tech, the rise of CSS over he last
> decade or so is truly amazing).

CSS, like HTML itself, has a brief to be relatively simple to understand
and to efficient to implement.  XSL  provides an alternative for
more complex styling.

Moreover, my impression of designers is that they will never be satisfied,
as they are under imperatives to be continually different from what went

At a certain point, the right solution is to use a page description language
or a general purposes graphical programming environment.

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