Re: Web Fonts

On Thu, 24 Aug 2006, Chris Lilley wrote:
> HWL>   h1 { 
> HWL>     font-familiy: Headline, url(, serif
> HWL>     font-weight: bold;
> HWL>   }
> HWL>   h2 { 
> HWL>     font-familiy: Headline, url(, serif
> HWL>     font-style: italic;
> HWL>   }
> If Headline is not installed locally, what is the computed value of the 
> font-family property?

Same as if it isn't. The 'font-family''s computed value is always its 
specified value (except with url()s expanded to their absolute form, but 
that doesn't matter in this example).

> On this content
> <h1>Some <b>bold</b> statement</h1>
> what is the font-family for the b element?

Assuming no other CSS applies, the computed value on <b> would be the same 
as on <h1>, since it is always the computed value that inherits. Thus:

   "Headline, url(, serif"

>> In that case, you didn't present my proposal correctly.
> I wasn't there to present your proposal. I was there to show that W3C 
> listens to and is aware of the needs of font designers and 
> typographically aware content designers.

Howcome wasn't asking what you were there for; he merely pointed out that 
you misrepresented his proposal. I'm sure this wasn't your intent, but it 
does appear that you do not fully understand his proposal. (I'm still 
confused as to why you think it isn't backwards compatible, for instance.)

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