Re: Web Fonts

On Thu, 24 Aug 2006, Chris Lilley wrote:
>>> The point is that CSS1 has a nice model where the fonts available is 
>>> not an opaque blob but has separate descriptors for things like the 
>>> family, the style, the weight, and so on. its then possible to change 
>>> one property and match to a different font.
>> *shrug*. That would be an acceptable loss, IMHO, if it was true.
>> But it isn't;
> Sure it is - it changes the meaning of font-family and discards all the 
> other descriptors.

It doesn't do anything to any descriptors. It only adds a new feature to a 
property. This proposal is completely orthogonal to @font-face, neither 
replacing it nor changing it in any way.

>> I believe the idea howcome suggested would allow for multiple TTF files 
>> to be included in the .zip file, such that the other font properties 
>> would select the right font from the zip file.
> Which can be done already, simply by using font-src.

Yes, howcome's proposal doesn't offer anything particularly new, except 
for being far simpler to use and implement.

>> (Also, you said it would be backwards incompatible. This has nothing to 
>> do with backwards compatibility.)
> Again, sure it does.

How so?

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