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Depending on the intended use model of the resolution feature, additional flexibility might also be desirable to allow differing black and color resolutions.  Many modern printers use a higher resolution for black pixels than for color pixels.

A more fundamental issue is that I believe this feature is intended to allow selection of presentation or content based on the achievable visual acuity of the display surface.  Resolution is a simplistic but very unreliable metric in this regard.  In today's color inkjet printers, for example, achievable print quality may be much more a function of the number of pens (ink colors) and the ability to modulate dot size than a function of resolution.

But my sense is that this feature is meant as a rather broad brushstroke, in which case resolution may be appropriate.


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Subject: [CSS3-MQ] Resolution

CSS3 Media Queries CR introduces two new units (7.), |dpi| and | 
dpcm|, solely for its |resolution| media feature (6.9.). Could this
be changed or at least be amended to also allow standard CSS absolute length units (e.g. |mm|)? The values using |in| and |cm| would of course be the respective reciprocals of the current ones and described the size of one point^W pixel. If a new unit was needed at all this would be |um|, the ASCII representation of 'µm' for micrometre, approved by ISO (31?).
It might also be a good idea to make this media feature a shorthand for horizontal and vertical resolution for which separate features might be added later.

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