Re: Selector for parent/predecessor?

Mark Birbeck wrote:

>> It's not a philosophy, it's just a fact. There are zillions of ugly
>> pages (from a markup/css/js/php perspective), and "good" web sites
>> are rare pearls. Even editing tools produce code that is ineffective.
> So? Who appointed the CSS gatekeepers judge and jury on what is
> 'right' on the web?

Oh come on, Mark, please, no rhetoric... With such questions, the
HTML WG as it is today should have been dismantled 4 years ago
when I started spotting out its incoherences, and when browser
vendors stopped contributing to the specs because they disagreed
with the general direction taken by the group.

There is no gatekeeper. I joined the CSS WG in 1997, and there is not
a single person in this group who never made an enhancement proposal.
It's sometimes accepted, sometimes refused, and rarely by the same
people. That's how compromises emerge, and you _perfectly_ know that.

We are not the Keepers of the Temple, we only try to make the specs
we author implementable, implementable in a reasonnable time,
implementable by all. When an implementor has a good argument against
something or in favor of something, we listen to him/her. And sometimes
agree, sometimes disagree.
Overall, and during those nine years, the CSS WG has accepted
MUCH more suggestions than it refused suggestions.
It's only a human world, after all.


Received on Monday, 21 August 2006 14:30:12 UTC