Re: Selector for parent/predecessor?


> This must be an enormous joke...
> The Web is so pure, so clean, people know so well how use selectors
> effectively, write cost-effective javascript or flash that does not
> freeze the visitor's machine.
> And all c and c++ programmers are algorightm experts.
> Oh, and XSLT does not exist, of course.

No...not a joke.

I'm not for a moment saying that all authors know everything about the
programming environment they use. But I am saying that most languages
have things in them that are both inefficient and useful, and it's
therefore up to the author to find out what they are and how and when
to use them.

My problem with CSS is that its whole philosophy is based on the idea
that authors cannot be trusted, and that the CSS gatekeepers know
best. (I think you've illustrated that point pretty well, too.) So it
means that many useful features that get regularly requested are
simply rejected out of hand, and those features that _do_ get approved
rarely actually become part of any full specification, remaining in
limbo as drafts.



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