RE: Print With XBL (was: XBL in CSS)

Hi, Ian-

Ian Hickson wrote:
| Yup, XBL handles printing in the same way it handles screen or other 
| media. It's media-independent.

Since shadow trees are not in the DOM, the serialization of the content must
be made explicit in the XBL2 spec, such that it is clear that the print
version matches the XBL shadow content.  And must this be mandatory, or can
the user choose to print the source file?

There should be a discussion about the implications of the inclusion of CSS
printing facilities (media="print", @print, importing print).  This may be
complicated if a HTML page that has inherent print styles is "transformed"
via XBL such that it has conflicting print styles.


Received on Saturday, 19 August 2006 04:49:31 UTC