Print With XBL (was: XBL in CSS)

Hi, Bert-

Bert Bos wrote:
| Sure, there can be profiles of CSS. Printers don't do :hover and they 
| won't do XBL either. 

I think you raise other good points, but I don't see why a printer might not
do XBL.  Depending on how a UA serializes content, it could simply act as a
transformation of the original content for print purposes as well.  XBL is
about presenting content, and print is just another presentation format.
For instance, if I have an org chart in my own XML format, and supply XBL
templates, it might display as a set of connected boxes in SVG or as tables
in HTML, and I would like that, not the original XML, to print out.

This is not a use case that is currently addressed, but perhaps it should


Received on Friday, 18 August 2006 16:48:38 UTC