Re: XBL in CSS

On Thu, 17 Aug 2006, T.V Raman wrote:
> It doesn't quite allay the concern -- it might be "language version 
> independent" as seen today --- but it'll effectively dictate how future 
> versions of CSS evolve -- in the name of "backward compatibility".

I'm not sure I follow; could you give an example of how CSS might be 
prevented from evolving? The property is merely specified as taking a list 
of <uri> tokens, much the same as today's 'icon' property; wouldn't that 
have the same problems?

> I would express an equivalent concern over the way CSS selectors are 
> presently tied into XBL -- it's also not clear in that instance which 
> version of CSS is being "bound" to.

Much as with XBL's use of XML, there is no particular version being 
required. This is similar to how HTML UAs don't require a particular 
version of JavaScript, the DOM, CSS, etc, or how CSS itself is independent 
of the exact version of media queries that is used with it.

This allows all these technologies to develop in parallel, with UAs 
supporting the versions that the market demand pushes them to support.

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