Re: XBL in CSS

Ian Hickson wrote:
 > On Wed, 16 Aug 2006, Matthew Raymond wrote:
>> Good point. For the moment, I can't think of a use case, except to 
>> correct rendering problems for proprietary binding language 
>> implementations, which seems kinda weak to me.
> So, a general guideline when coming up with stuff... first come up with a 
> use case (a "problem"), then try to invent something (find a "solution").
> It tends to make better specs. :-)

   Actually, what I was taught in college is to document all ideas and
why I rejected them. In that manner, I always have something to
reference if some one else asks me about the idea later. Besides, I
clearly indicated that it was a simple thought off the top of my head
that I was submitting for discussion and not a suggestion for a

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