Re: [CSS3000] Proposal: ::first-nth-line() ::first-nth-letter() ::last-nth-line() ::last-nth-letter()

On Wednesday 16 August 2006 00:39, Andrew Fedoniouk wrote:
> Just for logical completeness of the previous proposal...
> Lets do ::first-nth-line() ::first-nth-letter() ::last-nth-line()
> ::last-nth-letter() Probably someone will be able to use them if RAM will
> not be exhausted first?
> And hey! we shall also allow things like
> ::first-nth-letter(3n):after("cool,eh?");
I don't see the point of nth-letter, but nth-line would be kinda usefull, and 
be usefull for combining with line-markers.

:nth-line(even) { background: white; }
:nth-line(odd) { background: gray; }

:nth-line(5n)::marker { content: counter(line) "." }

It gets ugly however if we need to support nth-last-line and friends, and 
their usefullness is nil.

As for :last-letter, I don't even think there is any reason to 
have :first-letter. Authors could use normal markup to select any letter for 
styling if they wanted to (unlike first-line). 

<span class="first-letter>T</span>his i<span class="nth-letter">s</span> an 
exampl<span class="last-letter">e</span>.


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