Re: Solving the alpha images and background-color problem

This has been fixed for some time in our nightly builds and is not a  
bug any longer.


On Aug 10, 2006, at 5:50 AM, Ben Ward wrote:

> However, when using background-color:
> body {
>    background-color: #0F0;
>    background-color: #F00 #00F;
> }
> The background is set to red. Safari seems not treat space  
> separated values as erroneous and just applies the first one  
> (green). I experimented with using a syntax akin to font-size/line- 
> height, but Safari still handles that (green). Now well off the  
> topic of defining a useful syntax for a CSS spec, I did find that  
> if you use a double forward-slash as the separator between colours  
> (#F00//#00F) then Safari does ignore the style. No idea what's  
> going on there. Perhaps that's one for Dave Hyatt if he still keeps  
> up to date here.
> Anyway, I'm certainly not advocating // as the separator based on  
> one browser's quirk, but I did want to raise that point that a  
> syntax which is ignored as invalid in current implementations may  
> be preferable and make evolutionary adoption of this idea by  
> authors easier.
> Regards,
> Ben

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