Re: Downloadable fonts and image replacement

* Håkon Wium Lie wrote:
>Certainly, at Opera, we are very proud of our SVG implementation. I
>see some issues wrt. using SVG as a font format, though. First, I
>havn't seen any SVG font families. It would be helpful if someone
>could take an existing font family (I suggest Bitstream's Vera) and
>convert it to SVG for comparison purposes. Second, AFAIK, SVG fonts
>cannot hold TrueTypes's embedding information (or equivalent). Third,
>AFAIK, SVG fonts don't contain hinting information. and other converters
exist (in addition to SVG font support in a number of font tools and
vector graphic software). There is as
an example, and there are online tools to give you only the set of
glyphs you really need and similar things. SVG also address other of
the problems cited, including compression and showing alternate images
only if a certain font-family is not available.
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