Re: Downloadable fonts and image replacement

Also sprach Laurens Holst:

 > > To make sure we're not upsetting anyone, only level 4 fonts should be
 > > accepted by UAs. Also, even if level 4 fonts are "installable", the UA
 > > should not install them for other applications to use -- the font should
 > > be treated like a cached resource.
 > Would that not cause the opposite effect? Because browsers would only 
 > accept fonts with an $,1rx(Binstallable$,1ry(B setting, font vendors might not be 
 > willing to set such a high level for a publicly available font even 
 > though it$,1ry(Bs only used on the client$,1ry(Bs own website (which would really be 
 > level 3, while level 4 would be the equivalent to explicitly offering it 
 > for download to any user). Or at the least would they not charge 
 > extraordinary amounts for it? Seems to me like this could actually 
 > hinder commercial adoption of the functionality.
 > I$,1ry(Bd say at the least accept level 3.

Perhaps you are right. I'd like to hear it from the commercial font
vendors, though...

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