Re: Downloadable fonts and image replacement

Håkon Wium Lie <> wrote:

> > >    Downloadable fonts in general -
> > >      - Performance problems (download multi-megabyte CJK fonts?)
> > 
> > A user prompt that shows the size of the font would be my preferred way
> > to deal with the performance issue. This would have to be accompanied by
> > a method so that a user isn't prompted again if they choose not to
> > download fonts for example for that session.
>I'm all for power to the user, but I think few would use the proposed
>mechanism. A font family is very compressed data, roughly the size of
>a photograph. A zipped font family for western languages is on the
>order of 50k. Some are bigger, some are smaller -- just like images.
>Therefore, I don't think they pose a big performance problem. 

On reflection I agree. Authors linking in huge unicode fonts is probably
no different than authors linking in huge images. They can, and some
misguided ones do, but it doesn't warrant the prompt mechanism to
protect the user.


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