Re: Downloadable fonts and image replacement

Octavio Alvarez Piza wrote:

>>would this not be more likely to be
>> >  font-family: "TSCu_Comic", url(TSCu_Comic.ttf), sans-serif;
>>with the semantics "First look for a resident copy of "TSCu_Comic",
>>then try to download one if there is no resident copy, and finally
>>fall back on the browser sans font if the download fails or is not
>>supported ?  I cannot see why one might want your ordering in
>>99.9% of cases.
> Being CSS information about a web page, it should *never* tell a
> browser how to behave: that is up to the standard. That should be
> simply
> font-family: "TSCu_Comic", url(TSCu_Comic.ttf), sans-serif;

I do not understand the difference between what you and I have
written : are you not saying exactly the same as me (up to this
point) ?  Or is your objection to the fact that I sought to make
the semantics explicit, whereas you would prefer to leave them
unstated and rely on the readers' familiarity with CSS ?

Philip Taylor

Received on Tuesday, 25 April 2006 15:58:32 UTC