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I agree, Bert.  The problem I have specifically at this point is the lack of ability to control the page header/footer with browsers from within the document.  Soon, I know, soon... :)

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> On Friday 21 April 2006 17:56, Benton, Kevin wrote:
> > Bert et. al. - thanks for the update.  I do understand about having
> > limited resources.  I'd like to stop writing my literature in Docbook
> > and start writing it in XHTML/CSS, but that's difficult to do if the
> > CSS supporting it doesn't give me the functionality I need (page
> > headers/footers per section, etc.).  Paged Media is a key part of
> > that. I'm hoping to work with Firefox developers to get it
> > implemented soon.
> That would be good, indeed. The Paged Media module is high on our list
> of priorities, because the XHTML Print profile[1] is waiting for it. We
> don't have a test suite yet, but we believe we have one implementation
> already[3]. The sooner we get a second one, the sooner the Paged Media
> module will be a Recommendation.
> Håkon and I already used HTML+CSS and the properties for Paged Media
> when making camera-ready copy for our book[2]. It's not a complete
> replacement for TeX yet, but it already creates acceptable books.
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
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