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On Wednesday 19 April 2006 00:44, Benton, Kevin wrote:
> One more try :)

Sorry, Easter holidays...

> Is the roadmap at
> up-to-date?

Don't rely on any of the dates marked as estimates. The working group 
has limited resources and we can't predict how long it takes to solve 
all issues on a spec. Even less can we predict when something will have 
been implemented enough to change the status of a spec to Candidate 
Recommendation or Recommendation. That depends on the situation of the 
"market" and the internal politics of the various software makers.

If you are interested in a particular module, you can help to advance it 
faster with detailed comments (especially if accompanied by the actual 
text to substitute), with implementations (in one of the existing 
browsers, but also in other products) and especially with test suites.

I just fixed the page to update the list of modules, because we recently 
decided to split the Text and Paged Media modules into two parts each.

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