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fantasai wrote:

> a) HTML isn't the only markup language out there. DocBook, for example, has
>    a <figure> element with a <title>. It's defined to be used with embedded
>    images, code fragments, and other elements.
> b) If my HTML documents needs captions with its figures, I will put them in
>    somehow. I can write, for example,
>      <p class="figure">
>        <img>
>        <span class="caption">...</span>
>      </p>
>     It's not perfect from a markup perspective, but from a CSS perspective
>     it's no different from
>       <figure>
>         <img>
>         <caption>...</caption>
>       </figure>
>     except as far as the selectors are concerned. And what I'm asking about
>     here isn't the markup, it's the styling.

But would it not make more sense to have a generically named property 
for the position, rather than caption-side?

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