[CSS21] New interim WD

The CSS working group published a new Working Draft of CSS 2.1. This 
draft is unfinished, in the sense that there are still some unaddressed 
comments on our issues list. But, because it has been so long since the 
previous draft, we wanted to show the edits we've made so far.

Most of the issues that were raised have been addressed, but not all 
yet. There will be a list of all issues and decisions (a so-called 
"disposition of comments") later, when we publish the final (hopefully) 

The draft is here:


There are also two versions with highlighted differences since the 
previous draft and since the CSS2 Recommendation of 1998: 


(They are automatically generated by comparing words; they may not be 
very helpful when a whole paragraph has been added or removed...)

If you sent comments in the past, you may want to check if the spec 
already changed in response to it, and, if so, if it changed in the 
right way. As always, please, use this mailing list, www-style@w3.org, 
for your comments, and prefix the subject line with "[CSS21]".

For the CSS WG,
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