css3-layout templates

I love templates implemented and would like to see them in a CSS 2.1 rev, or 
2.2 if possible:

It's like an "the *ascii art is back* massive intrussion in the code", or a 
"long live to formats". But genial. I love specially that it touches the 
nerve of "java gridbaggies and other alones on the dark", gives them a kick, 
and sits at the "be simple, stupid" chair. Fantastic. I just want to suggest 
that it could be adapted to intersect the CSS background concept. In that 
stack level. Just that.

background: url("somecsswithbelow");
background-repeat: repeat;


somecontainer { display: "ab"
                          position: absolute;
dot.onedot { position: a; width: 2px; background-color: yellow }
dot.onedot { position: b; width: 2px; background-color: orange }
dot.onedot { position: c; width: 2px; background-color: orange }
dot.onedot { position: d; width: 2px; background-color: yellow }

Received on Friday, 7 April 2006 11:13:18 UTC