Re: Text Flow

David Woolley wrote:
>> Apologies if this is a common request, but I haven't seen it  
>> discussed, and could find no mention of it anywhere in the spec...
> It's been made at least once before.
>> #firstDiv
>> {
>> 	text-overflow: id(#secondDiv);
>> }
> This is a clear abuse of the DIV element.  You are introducing a 
> DIV element which doesn't represent a structural element in the document
> (and with the intention that the content be rendered as though arbitrarily
> split into two different divisions).
> The Holy Grail of CSS is to eliminate the need to misrepresent the 
> structure of the document in order to get a desirable rendering.

Yes, this is true. Still, I'm rather interested to see what exactly he's
trying to do layout-wise. A lot of layouts today are done with extra markup
elements that shouldn't be there. We need to make CSS remove the need for
those hacks before they'll really go away...


Received on Friday, 7 April 2006 06:29:24 UTC