Re: Why Binding Scripting in Style Layer Conflates Semantics

Shelby Moore wrote:

> Precisely, which is the mask, the <select> or the <a>s?

The <a>s, as they're sitting on top of the original markup and only 
telling capable user agents what behaviour, or type of interaction, to 
offer the end user. Fundamentally though, it's still a select (just like 
fundamentally, you're still yourself despite the mask).

> If the markup says I am <select>, and the implementation says
> I am list of <a>s, then what am I??
 >  To markup consumers I am a <select>
 > and to implementation consumers I am <a>s.

The implementation doesn't say it's a list of <a>s, though. It says it's 
a <select> which it will present to the user as a list of 
<a>s...fundamentally, still a select. Possibly an very subtle 
difference, but a difference nonetheless.

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