Re: Why Binding Scripting in Style Layer Conflates Semantics

Anne van Kesteren wrote:
> Shelby Moore wrote:
>> XBL bindings do have the capability of changing semantics.
> They don't. They are designed in such a way that they don't effect the
> core DOM of the page. XBL creates a shadow DOM which does not effect the
> semantics.

Anne, the DOM is not the semantics.  The markup is where semantics are
expressed, and the schema defines the range of semantics that can be

Tim Berners-Lee says so:

"The schema language provides data typing and allows document structure to
be constrained to allow predictable computable processing. XML schema's
datatypes are used."

No where on above page do you see him mention DOM.  He talks about the RDF
and OWL which are interoperable with the XML structured data, in order to
provide the semantics.

> (You would think a Mozilla developer would know better than you, but your
> clearly missed that part...)

More noise!

Apparently they don't even know the most fundamental fact about semantics.
 It is quite clear to me that "Moz-tribe" (at least those I've read so
far) are mostly clueless about Semantic Web.

BTW, Tim Berners-Lee gives a good definition in above link of how we
should delineate style and semantics:

"Style essentially is the mapping between the abstract content of a
document and the physical form in which it is displayed, spoken, performed
or in general presented, to its recipient."

The term "abstract content" means the abstract meaning of the content,
e.g. that items of a select are countries.


Kind Regards,
Shelby Moore

Received on Saturday, 26 November 2005 10:36:38 UTC