Re: [CSS21] Status of defult (intrinsic) style sheet in UA

Andrew Fedoniouk wrote:
> All the more. Why we need this: "Style sheets from these three origins will 
> overlap
> in scope, and they interact according to the cascade." [1] then?

Because the di?

> Why do they need to interact?

Because you have to know what to do if all three (UA, user, author) specify 
values for a property.

> What does "interaction" mean here?

Determination of the cascaded value of a property.

> It is two (or probably three) independent style systems applied consequently.

It's not obvious to me what this means.

> If we will consider them this way we don't even need !important.

Nor this.


Received on Wednesday, 23 November 2005 02:14:22 UTC