Re: [CSS21] || [CSS3] Property 'bottom' vs value 'bottom'.

Paul D Stanwyck wrote:
> ...I beleive that the property 'bottom' should be renamed as it were.
> I propose that while developing upcoming standards, the property in 
> question may be referred to as, perhaps, 'box-bottom', 'element-bottom', 
> 'block-bottom', etc. Such a name would help alleviate the confusion

Such names would seem to be much more confusing for authors than simply 
'bottom' and would break backwards compatibility for absolutely no good 

> caused for novice authors and even some (X)HTML/CSS editors so widely 
> used, that which prevents some (authors and user-agents/editors) to 
> determine if one particular instance of 'bottom' is a property or a 
> value.

All property/value pairs are in this form:

   property : value ;

If it occurs on the left of the colon, it's a property.  If it occurs on 
the right, it's a value.  It couldn't be any simpler.

> I prefer to use a popular freeware code editor (Crimson Editor) which 
> allows one to use custom syntax was unable to
> properly highlight the property 'bottom'. It was assuming that this 
> property was simply a value; although, in the wrong place...
> I then attempted to edit the custom syntax files, but soon realized that 
> there isn't, to my knowledge, a way of determining for this editor when 
> one keyword acts as property or as a value in this particular context.

Limitations of the syntax highlighting abilities of one particular 
editor – especially one which clearly does not parse the CSS properly, 
but rather searches for matching string patterns and highlights them – 
is, in no way, a reason to consider this to be a flaw in the specification.

Lachlan Hunt

Received on Thursday, 3 November 2005 14:58:14 UTC