Re: Stand-in color before images load

David Wolley said:
> If you set a foreground colour, you must set a background colour that 
> contrasts

How about contrast properties for text, such as "contrast: 50,50;" the first 
number being the minimum contrast and the second being the maximum, and 
"contrast-area: background-image;" in case you want only text that's against 
a background image to be set to the specified contrast, and "contrast-area: 
missing-background" to apply the contrast only when the background image 
couldn't be rendered. You could go further by specifying whether to average 
out the contrast to keep every foreground pixel color the same in the 
contrast-area, or to make it pixel-perfect so every pixel is within the 
specified contrast range no matter the background color.

In addition to the missing-image application, with the right scripting the 
client would be able to adjust the contrast as he wishes. 

Received on Wednesday, 30 March 2005 06:35:01 UTC