Re: Stand-in color before images load

> Yes it doesn't seem to degrade gracefully but that is the current
> situation anyway, and this way the new generation will benefit while the

Not if authored by a competent author who would accept that the effect
is not a reasonable one to attempt.  Understanding the medium is a key
part of design.

> older will be served the same and will have to wait for the image to kick
> in.

That's an accessibility no-no.  Pages should not be authored to be
dependent on text as images.  (If the page isn't essential for me,
I'll just go to the next search engine hit if I abort the download
then find it unusable.)

> *If the designer wants to use a light text-color on a light-colored
> document bg and use a PNG to define the BG of the foreground object, the
> image somehow has to be loaded for the text to be read properly, and
> because that may not be possible, the designer is withold from using it at
> all.

Or consider using a tool optimised for graphics rather than one optimised
for textual information.

> *We have a damning limitation in the current CSS specs, that will be
> effective long enough.

I think you may have unreasonable expectations of CSS.  It's for hinting
styling, not specifying exact appearence.  There are lots of things that
it is not good at as a result.  If you want precise control of appearance
you should be using SVG or PDF, not HTML.

Received on Wednesday, 30 March 2005 04:40:29 UTC