Re: Stand-in color before images load

David Woolley wrote:
>>background-color: #fff;          /* white bg in div */
>>color: $fff;                     /* white text in header */
>>background-image: url(cool.png); /* a dark yet transparent image */
>>background-standin-colour: #000 ; /*the bg will be black till image
> This doesn't degrade gracefully.  If you set a foreground colour, you
> must set a background colour that contrasts, and you must do using the
> same generation of CSS attributes as used to set the foreground colour.

I understand the issue but I think the suggested solution is 
approaching the problem from wrong direction.

What we already have:
text color: 'color'
background image: 'background-image'
background color in case background cannot be/will not be/hasn't yet 
been loaded: 'background-color'

What we don't have:
a method to remove background color in case background image has 
been successfully loaded.

I suggest following solution

1) Add additional optional keyword 'replace'

     Value:  	<uri> | <uri> replace | none | inherit

2) Allow this keyword also in the 'background' shorthand notation

Behavior for the new keyword 'replace':
If the resource pointed by <uri> can be successfully loaded *and* 
can be successfully displayed by UA, then the resource pointed by 
<uri> replaces the normal background of element. The properties 
background-position etc. still apply.


Received on Tuesday, 29 March 2005 10:55:51 UTC