Re: [css2.1] 'overflow', the root element and the viewport

Ian Hickson wrote:
>> However, Opera does *not* propagate the 'overflow' from the root
>> element to the viewport
> That's intentional. Opera currently does not intend to let authors
> remove the scrollbars at all.

The the spec should be changed in a different way I guess. Either 
'overflow' should be propagated to the viewport or it should not be 
possible to apply it to the root element.

A different way to describe that would be that every browser propagates 
the 'overflow' property from the root element to the viewport but it may 
ignore what it specifies if the browser vendor or UA things it hurts the 
browsing experience of the user.

(Otherwise some browser propagate the property and other browsers apply 
it directly which does not create interoparable pages. Wording it as 
above satisfies both needs.)

  Anne van Kesteren

Received on Saturday, 19 March 2005 12:27:37 UTC