Re: Tabs and the CSS3 Basic User Interface Module

On Thu, 10 Mar 2005 12:14:51 -0500
  Matthew Raymond <> wrote:
>value called "tab". This could be very useful for making 
>lists look and behave like native tabs, but there's 
>something I don't understand. Tabs are almost always used 
>in a group context, yet there is no "tab-group" property 
>value. Is there a specific reason for this? It would seem 
>to me that a "tab-group" value would make it easy to 
>create a tab group with a simple unordered list...
>| ul.tabgroup { appearance: tab-group }
>| ul.tabgroup il { appearance: tab }
>....Or perhaps a <div> and some hyperlinks...
>| div.tabgroup { appearance: tab-group }
>| div.tabgroup a { appearance: tab }
>    Then again, if I understand correctly, |appearance| 
>doesn't affect 
>the |display| property. Should this require "tab" and 
>"tab-group" values for |display|?

See for reference, the WhatWG concept of "Tabs" as it 
stands for now (The document is ever changing)

Also something by Fantasai when "dared" by Ian to write a 
current example of "Tab" display capability if it was to 
be implemented in some way. (Requires JS and good CSS 
support iirc)

I am far from an authority on this, just thought it would 
help everyone involved.

~Justin Wood (Callek)

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