Re: Designs that zoom (was : Why reduce font size)

Philip TAYLOR wrote:

> Are there any examples of "infinitely zoomable" designs
> similar to this of which list members are aware ?  Sadly
> not even the beautiful "CSS Zen Garden" can cope with
> more than four levels of zoom before it starts to break
> up ...
I just finished a template for such a site. I don't claim to be a 
graphic artist, so please be kind in your criticism:

Some major problems were pixel rounding (which still isn't perfectly 
fixed), and the lack of a max-width attribute in IE6, which I 
circumvented with the use of javascript to create resolution-defendant 
layout (a technique which I pilfered from The Man In Blue 
<>). I also 
fixed the two-column float problem by hiding a print-only image 
(width="0" height="0" without CSS) that clears both floating columns, 
pulling the container's background with it.


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Received on Wednesday, 2 March 2005 16:56:34 UTC