Re: Proposal: useragent at-rule

> The historic result of that has been pages that display "Please 'Upgrade'
> to a browser that won't run on your platform and is less capable than
> your browser" when presented with anything other than specific
> versions of mass market browsers, and don't provide any real content
> in that case.  It's also resulted in pages that break on the standards
> compliant document object model in NS 6 because a Netscape detection
> caused NS 4 proprietory features to be used instead.

But keep in mind that in the historical example, there wasn't an 
acceptable way to degrade a page for the unsupported browsers.

CSS has a marvellous solution: just don't render the style. 
Properly-built unstyled markup is still usable, we just don't have a 
mechanism to selectively serve up unstyled markup. Which is where I 
popped up in this thread in the first place.


Received on Tuesday, 30 March 2004 13:37:11 UTC