RE: Proposal: useragent at-rule

> From: Chris Moschini []
> I don't think discussion of how popular Mozilla is really 
> belongs on this list. I love Mozilla - I'm writing this 
> e-mail with it - but I think a browser statistics discussion 
> ought to be discussed any number of other places, and this 
> isn't one of them.

Browser diversity is very germane to the subject of a useragent @rule.
Take the difference in user base between the business-oriented sites I am
associated with (98% IE) and the academic site Philip is using (90% IE)

To me this demonstrates that the academic community is more browser-diverse
than the business community.  It is logical then that useragent-aware CSS
would be of more use to an academic site.  The details of the browsers in
question are irrelevent for the purposes of this discussion.

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