Proposal: New attribute(s) or pseudoelement for documents with obscured regions

First, have a gander at, 
preferably with a recent version of a Gecko browser. (I used -moz-opacity
to help demonstrate what's going on here.)

The blue-backgrounded div is position: fixed, meant to simulate a frame
(on a real site I'm designing, said div is:

<li> Fully opaque (no -moz-opacity or anything)
<li> The container of a CSS-based dropdown menu much like
the suckerfish dropdowns (article,

This page has two problems, stemming from the fact that our non-psychic browsers
do not know our intent:

1. At the top is a link saying 'Klik hier' that links to an anchor further down
the page. Clicking it jumps to that anchor -- unfortunately, the anchor scrolls
to the top of the viewport, where it is obscured beneath the fixed-position div.

2. Pressing the spacebar (or pgdn, or doing some other action to scroll down one
page length) scrolls by the height of the entire viewport, leaving the top part
of the next page obscured beneath the fixed-position div.

I propose either some sort of pseudo-element:

/* inform the browser that the top 5em and bottom 6em of the page are obscured
 * and that <a href='#bar'> and page-level scrolling should account for this

body::foo { margin-top: 5em; margin-bottom: 6em; }

Or a group of attributes:

body { quux-top: 5em; quux-bottom: 6em; }

Ideas, anyone?


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