Re: Proposal: version at-rule

> then V2 came out with a method to hide this new CSS from old "V1 only" 
> browsers, which was

All significant browsers are essentially V1 only even now.  If you look
at another thread, you will see the remark that IE is essentially 
CSS 1.0 with a smattering of 2.0 features.
>      <style type="text/css">
> 	@import "file.css";
>      </style>

This wasn't introduced as a way of discriminating versions.  Introducing
a mechanism that broke version 3 for version 3 unaware browsers would
not be compatible with the graceful degradation policy for style sheets.
Note that this doesn't discriminate against non V2.0 browsers, only 
against those not aware of this particular feature.

>  > David Woolley
>  >> Even if there were a browser that approached 2.0, the vendor's 
> marketing
>  >> department would almost certainly interpret compliance more liberally
>  >> than an author would.

To which I will add that if it turns out that the implementation is not
fully compliant because it is buggy, a typical vendor would never downgrade
its compliance claim; they would put a bug fix in the queue and it would
eventually get fixed, if considered sufficiently important to the commercial
success of the product.

Received on Thursday, 25 March 2004 15:31:11 UTC