RE: CSS3 Tests site

Dante? and a historian? It can only posibly be the Dante from A List Apart!

Nice to see that you are taking a lead in CSS3, and not shouting about
using tables for layout. lol. 

Also, I didn't know that Firefox supported those selectors in the first
test already. I might use that in the future. Thanks.

One thing though; I noticed that in IE you have styles scroll bars. is this
nessacery for a CSS3 test? Are you using IE specific CSS?

Thanks again for the test site.

Phil Baines.

Original Message:
From: Sean M. Hall
Date: 23 Mar 2004 04:25:28 +0000
Subject: CSS3 Tests site

I have just launched a CSS3 tests site at It only contains two tests so far
but I plan on adding many many more in the very near future.  If anyone is
interested please email me at  Thank you Dante Evans (AKA
Sean M. Hall) Freelance musician, historian, writer, web developer CEO of DCScript 'Evans, Dante Evans' 

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