Re: Proposal: regular expressions (or wildcards) in selectors

Quoth Tantek Çelik on 3/22/2004 12:38 PM...
> The 'class' attribute is defined in _HTML4_ to be a space separated set.
> CSS1 introduced the class "." selector, of which only one is allowed per
> selector:
> "Only one class can be specified per selector. 'P.pastoral.marine' is
> therefore an invalid selector in CSS1."

I stand corrected - thanks; the multiple-class selector was implemented only in 
CSS2 (curiously, using the same example).

> Products that support a standard are often not updated to support future
> versions of that standard.
> This is actually the typical case in product development.
> Products which are constantly updated to support every new version of every
> standard they supported at some point are the exception.

Hmm....IE was updated to support HTML 4, SQL servers updated for SQL99, C 
compilers updated to support ANSI C, RSS readers for new versions of that 
standard .... and if you consider software libraries like Xlib, GTK, etc. to be 
"standards", then software using those libraries becomes another example. Am I 
missing something?

-Felipe Gasper

Received on Monday, 22 March 2004 18:14:04 UTC