Re: Regarding the appearance property

On 3/21/04 9:23 AM, "J. King" <> wrote:

> On Sun, 21 Mar 2004 14:05:57 +0100, David Hċsäther <>
> wrote:
>> Suppose I do something like
> snip
>> Does this mean that h1 elements will be back to normal again (e.g.
>> displayed in a bigger font-size, bold and with margins)?
> No.  Its appearance is already normal.

Correct.  'appearance:normal' really just means that the appearance property
has no effect on the element.

On 3/21/04 9:20 AM, "Ernest Cline" <> wrote:

> In any case, this property needs rather extensive revision
> in my opinion before it becomes usable as a standard.

Why?  There are implementers that would disagree.

> For instance, why should this property be limited to interactive media?

That doesn't make sense.

If you think there are additional media groups that it should apply to,
please provide a list of them with justifications.


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