Re: CSS 2.1 counters

> I think you're asking for Hixie's :matches proposal.
> ~fantasai

Forgive me, I'm new to this list. :D

I found and read through the "Why no Parent Selector?" thread started by David Wagner. I was immediately lost after the initial question, and stayed lost throughout the entire thread...a depressing discussion of what I assume to be gratuitous document-global-rampage pseudo-classes.

The beauty of a "-" selector is its simplicity.

The concept is easy to understand from a programmer's point of view, referencing parents is a straightforward programming task. The related function to return such may even be a cut-and-paste job from existing code from javascript implementation, who knows.

Same thing with David Wagner's suggestion of a "<" selector. However, I like the "-" symbolism better because it more intuitively suggests a direct reference to the parent (and only the parent), rather than possibly an ambiguous reference to the entire document tree outside the element, or just the document tree of the parent with no direct reference to the parent itself.

Actual implementation of, and consistancy between browsers, for a "-" selector, is much more likely.

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