Re: [css3-lists] Too many list styles and a proposal to simplifythem

> Because you don't know things like where you can break lines

UAX-14 defines this, no?  It may not be optimal, but it's serviceable.  In
fact, I'm not aware of any popular HTML/CSS UAs that do any better.

> and how to render Q elements in HTML.

Yes, you may have to assume something like en-us here.

> You may also have problems with sort orders in selections, and with GUI
> selection interfaces.

I'm not quite sure what problem you're describing... could you elaborate?

In any case, the point is that you can do a _better_ job of rendering if you're
told what the language is, but you can do a passable job (and in fact a much
better job than currently available UAs) even if you aren't.

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