Re: [css3-lists] Too many list styles and a proposal to simplify them

*Ernest Cline*:
> The net result is 49 fewer list styles and 76 fewer keywords,
> In addition there would be no need for additional keywords
> for styles that meet the definition of one of these four values.

Although I'd welcome an easy way to build your own list-style algorithms, I
think it's counter-productive to force all authors, who want to use a non-CSS2
list-style-type, to write down every algorithm each time---let the UA
developers have to do the work *once*. It's also likely that many (more)
authors would produce illegal/ambiguous CSS files for charset reasons, because
you usually can't identify the system from seeing something like
"\0ABC\0ABD..." and thus use the verbose glyphs. Afterall it's an i18n issue.

OTOH I'd like to see two keywords (distinguishing between numeric and
alphabetic) that told the UA to automatically select an appropriate
list-style-type for the language the list is in. (Maybe something like this is
already in the CSS3: Lists WD, I last read it quite some time ago.)

Received on Saturday, 13 March 2004 00:54:52 UTC