Re: [css3-hyperlinks] inclusion of Clink in next WD

Boris Zbarsky wrote:
>>Considering this would primarily be made for generated content, not 
>>document content, that would be a reasonable sacrifice.
> I believe I heard some mention of using this to implement linking in random XML
> dialects?  Including XHTML?  If we're going to limit this to generated content
> only, we should say so.  In that case, there is no problem.

Yes, there's been discussions to that effect, but Anne's mail (which 
started this discussion) was specifically addressing linking semantics 
for generated contents. I've already stated my opinion on document 
semantics and CSS, so I won't go over that again.

>>I can't see why it would be that huge, really. Consider the following:
>>* {
>>     color: #ff0;
>>     color: #f0f;
>>     color: #ff0;
> How would you write an actual algorithm to perform this matching?  One that
> does not go into an infinite loop on what you said above and actually handles
> such selectors scattered amongst the levels of the cascade?  Am I missing
> something blindingly obvious here?

The same thing that should limit a circular @import. Each ruleset 
applies once and once alone to an element. The algorithm would be 
something like this:

1. Determine what rules match an element, including property matching 
rules, in a single set (no rule may be applied more than once, in other 
2. Determine what rules apply based on specificity and declaration 
order, linearly.
3. Apply the results to the element.

> The proposal seems to be that the style of a node is NOT in fact determined by
> the rules that match it, at the very least....  But then there is still the
> circularity issue, which I do not see a good way to resolve.  If you think you
> do, please clarify your thoughts.

I'm not sure I see the same problems you see, here. Are there any 
obvious faults in the mechanism I described above?

David "liorean" Andersson

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