Re: [css3-hyperlinks] inclusion of Clink in next WD

> CSS BE is working draft that was not updated since 1999. Thus I assume it
> is droped,

I don't believe this is a correct assumption.  Ian Hickson has been working on
an update.

> As to XSLT I don't understand why should I use XSL if document can be
> rendered directly using CSS without any transformations.

Because the whole point is that the document CANNOT be rendered using CSS
without any transformation in the way you desire as things stand.  So you are
proposing extensions to CSS to allow UAs to render it without any
transformations.  I'm merely pointing out that UAs do not require such an
extension, since XSLT already provides the functionality they need to implement
the sort of blanket support for random XML formats you desire.

Further, as far as UA processing is concerned, UAs are free to implement
-vnd-link or whatever (like Opera) and use that.  This does not involve this
property being added to the CSS specification.

So the upshot is that using UA processing of documents as an excuse to add
properties to the specification is pretty much a red herring.  Properties
should be added so users and authors can use them and the argument should be
framed in those terms.

> you can render document using CSS, you can add images, objects etc. 
> using CSS generated content

Note that you should NOT be adding any images actually relevant to the meaning
of the document in this fashion....

> Style language is not just colors and font styles, 
> style language is way to turn markup into user friendly page,

Very well.  Please address the technical concern I raised.

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