[CSS3] Box model: 'display' property - 'bypass' value addition

Lately I've faced such issue: I'm trying to express a so called 
"tree-table" to visualize a file directory structure (in this 
example of mine). First I define a list element with its items 
describing the files in the top-level directory. An item could have 
another list as an additional property, determining the item as a 
sub-directory item, and so on.

Now, to have this list displayed as a linear table where the rows 
are defined by every list element and the columns - by the element's 
properties, I have to omit some of the data-structure markup, i.e. 
to be able to instruct the style engine not to generate principal 
visual box for some of the container elements so their content would 
be laid out in / "shifted" / added to the content of the upper-level 

Here's the source example:


I can't determine if what I'm trying would be possible using the 
'move-to' property from the current "Generated and replaced content" 
draft but I think an additional keyword value: 'bypass' (or 
something), for the 'display' property, would describe/solve the 
situation pretty simply. Does it sound reasonable?


Received on Wednesday, 10 March 2004 08:27:45 UTC